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Platinum Generator rentals & Temp Power

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Platinum Generator Rentals and Temp Power is a leading independent service business that has served the Shelby township, Rochester Hills and Macomb county communities for over two decades and counting.

We prioritize maintaining professional-grade power generator units for all commercial and special event projects.

We hold the industry’s best forward-thinking technicians and continuously support them with an array of tools, transportation and quality units to service your needs.

Platinum Generator is committed to being your rental backup power generator provider. No other company can match our level of service. For example, we will only recommend units you absolutely need and we service our own generators.

Our experience, committed staff and durability gives our customers CONFIDENCE that we have the capacity to service all of your power-related needs.

Common Questions and Answers

How Much Does A Rental Generator Cost?

It varies depending on size, length of time used, availability amongst other factors.

We provide individual estimates which includes the cost of the rental generator unit, wire cabling, delivery and installation.

How Long Would It Take To Receive My Rental Generator?

This, too, depends on a few factors such as time of day and weather conditions, however we aim to have a rental generator on-location within 4 – 6 hours of emergency notification. If scheduled in advance we get our rental unit to you within that time frame.

Do I Need An Electrician On-site For Installation?

Because these are turn-key rental units they’re designed to be operated with as little hands-on maintenance as possible. We certainly have technicians on hand, but if you have one of your own to monitor the unit, all the better.

Who's Responsible For Fueling The Rental Generator?

All of our rental generators come with a full tank of fuel. However much fuel you use would be your responsibility. If you need a fuel delivery vendor you can trust, we can recommend a few depending on your needs. Upon return we require the fuel be set back to ‘full’ to prevent refueling charges.


Unlike most generator services near-by, we OWN, CONTROL and perform MAINTENANCE on our private generators for rent. There are some businesses who act as middle-men to avoid the actual work of running a genuine rental service. We believe that if we took the short-cut we’d be ‘shorting’ our customers. With us you get the ‘cream of the crop’.

Platinum Generator in action
Platinum Generator technician


Our technicians are trained THOROUGHLY to know every nock and cranny of our units like the back of their own hand. If there’s a problem they know what to do and how to fix it immediately so service is never interrupted. They monitor every unit in our possession and that’s what gives us a competitive edge.


If we promise to be at your location ‘lickty split’, you can count it.

We value your TIME and business. Although we’re dealing with electronics and power equipment that can cause unexpected delays, we have our best guys staying on top of things to deliver consistently fast service.

Platinum Generator with truck
Platinum Generator Commercial Generator


Commercial properties such as restaurants and offices require a level of expertise and knowledge few others can provide. Businesses in the Macomb county area have come to rely on us where other competing entities fail.

Platinum Generator in Festival and Events


Putting events together is both stressful and time consuming, and the biggest stress is “Where are we going to get the power for all of this?”

Platinum Generator is the answer!

We service a number of special events such as city gatherings, political campaigns, music halls, weddings, business functions, beach weddings, state or country fairs, music concerts, and more.

We Are The BEST Portable Power Generator Equipment Rental Service You Can Count On

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Other cities we currently and happily serve nearby include:

St. Clair Shores, Shelby Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights, Troy, Mount Clemens, Fraser, Auburn Hills, Clawson, Birmingham, Roseville, Pontiac, Madison Heights, Warren, Royal Oak, Berkley, Disco, Preston Corners, Utica, Yates, Washington, Macomb, Stony Creek, Waldenburg, Rochester, Davis, Mount Vernon, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights, Troy, Goodison, and Clinton Township

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"The response to our calls is always quick, the service is 'second-to-none' and their prices are extremely competitive; almost TOO affordable! We look forward to working with Platinum & Co. on an on-going long-term basis."

- J.P. Benjamin

"Platinum's support and expertise made it possible for us to end our 2-day corporate event with a bang! They've never let us down and for as long as we've been using their service over the last 5 years, no one else can match your prices. Thank you."

- Ramsey Rutherford

"Hey guys. Regarding your power rental equipment, it's been working without a hitch the last 24hrs even outside in these crazy weather conditions. We're impressed how well it held up which is a testament to how strong your technicians are in making sure every unit in your possession is like a well-oiled machine. Thanks again."

- Dominic Valentine